My name is Salam and I am currently a Junior Art Director at Bloomfield knoble advertising located in Irving, TX. I am a Muslim American creative designer with an impaired hearing disability who absolutely loves art, coffee and fashion and traveling. I have always had a creative skill since I was young. I was and still am, into coloring books, doodling and anything artsy and hands on. My mom always dressed me up when I was younger and because of that, she influenced me to always look good and to be different when representing who I am, not only with fashion but with anything I do.
I am a second generation American and I am the first person in my family to graduate from college and the first to have an art degree in my extended family. I constantly want to make people’s lives easier. My goal as a creative designer is to breakthrough cultural barriers and use what others may perceive as a disadvantage to my advantage in order to impact and influence underrepresented groups all over the world. I imagine myself making inspirational changes in the design industry and my aim is to make this imagination a reality whether I am working with a company, creating new designs or freelancing.